BCA Architects & Engineers



Municipal offices and buildings present a unique set of design parameters for architecture firms – they must be built to satisfy the needs of both direct users and the public-at-large. BCA Architects & Engineers recognizes the important role played by municipal structures within a community, and the firm’s designs reflect this acknowledgment. Belief in the need for these buildings to be practical and, at the same time, a reflection of community values and culture, has taught the partners at BCA Architects & Engineers to consider the local population whenever designing municipal facilities.

Water treatment, storage, and distribution require intricate knowledge of large and small systems. The engineers at BCA Engineers & Architects maintain a strong working knowledge of emerging technologies and custom tailor these approaches to specific client applications.

The same can be said for Wastewater treatment, collection, pumping, and distribution. It too requires an intricate knowledge of large and small systems and BCA has a strong working knowledge of those treatment system designs, collection methods, and distribution processes, and will also custom tailor these approaches to what our client needs.

Additionally, the firm’s expertise in fund-sourcing strategies can guide clients in pursuing the financial aspects of these complex projects.